Electro Voice DC One

Electro Voice DC One

Electro Voice DC One adalah sebuah Digital Loudspeaker Management System atau biasa disebut DLMS yang sudah tidak asing dan banyak digunakan oleh perusahaan rental sound system di Indonesia.

RSL Sound System & Lighting merupakan salah satu perusahaan rental sound system yang mempergunakan DLMS Electro Voice DC One untuk menunjang performa sound system sehingga dapat menghasilkan suara yang optimal.

Electro-Voice DC-One Overview

The 1 RU DC-One from Electro-Voice is a digital sound system processor with two analog inputs, one digital AES/EBU input, and six analog outputs. The DC-One provides flexibility and various configurations in order to handle a multitude of audio system needs and applications. The internal routing matrix can be configured as a 2-way stereo + full-range, 3-way stereo, 4-way mono + full-range, 5-way mono + full-range, 3-way stereo with a mono sub + full-range, 4-way stereo with mono sub and low frequency, and finally as a freely assignable 2 x 6 matrix router. The unit offers stereo hi-pass filters, a stereo 9-band parametric EQ, a stereo 31-band graphic EQ, and a stereo delay. The configuration and operation of the device can be done via the front panel or the DC-One editor software application for PC, accessible from the unit’s USB connection. The DC-One editor software also allows the graphical display of the system transfer functions.

Level meters for input and output signals, output gain reduction, limit and clip LEDs, dedicated mute buttons, output channel function indicators (SUB, LO, MID, HI), and an LCD display with 192 x 32 pixels and a blue backlight are available on the front panel.

There are six pre-configured configurations plus one freely configurable full edit (two input and six output) configuration available along with 80 presets. The DC-One offers 24-bit AD/DA converters with a dynamic range of 111 dB. A switchable input PAD (-6dB) placed prior to the AD converter can be activated.

  • Up to 80 presets (60 factory presets and 20 programmable user presets) can be used
  • Stereo hi-pass filters, 9-band parametric EQ, 31-band graphic EQ, and delay.
  • The integrated FLASH memory allows software and firmware update via USB.
  • Eight control inputs on the rear panel can be used for recall of presets using external switches or contactsEvery DSP parameter can be locked and/or hidden

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